Vegan Pagan

Why am I vegan?
Because one of the best Wiccan statements is "And it harm none, do what you will."
I am not a Wiccan; I am a Witch. But I like that statement!
In our current world, eating & consuming animals is everyday, common-place & ubiquitous.
It should not be.
It harms the Animals who deserve to live, just as much as any other sentient being.
It harms the beautiful Earth.
It harms the People who eat the animals.
It harms us all, even those of us who just eat plants, by maintaining a culture where the torture & death of animals is seen as normal & necessary. 
It is not.
As I build my witchy credo, bit by eclectic bit, I begin with this:

"First, do no harm to any being."

This means that the spider in the kitchen corner will be gently ushered to the garden. The house-fly buzzing around the living room will be let out the window. The foods I eat will include all sorts of delicious plants, fruits, nuts, seeds & grains, but will NOT include meat, animal milk, cheese, eggs or fish, or any product that is derived from animal suffering. This is one of the most significant ways in which I can live out my Pagan values. As I build my knowledge, I will build this page.

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