Mar 31, 2010

I am Bee-yoo-tee-full

It's Beautiful Blogger time again, this time from the lovely wicked Magaly at her Writing Blog!
Visit Magaly here for only a little while longer, she's blending her writing in with Pagan Culture after May 13th.

Here are the rules: Thank the Award Bestower & link back to them. Tell 7 things about yourself that you may not have covered in prior posts. Then pass the award on to 15 other bloggers that you read & think are terrific!

My seven things: I did Witchy things in a previous post. How about my seven eight favorite animals?
1. Cat: hey, I'm a Witch. And they manage their own poop. Pretty much.
2. African Hedgehog: hey, I'm a Witch. And hedgies are associated with pixies. And they're amazingly awesome. However, they do not manage their own poop. But their poops are small & not very stinky, so it evens out.
3. Elephant: Did you know that they can learn to paint? Holding a brush in their trunks? Even representational stuff like flowers? So cool.
4. Dog: I love doggies but they are so much like children in their neediness. And they don't manage their own poop, so cat beats dog in my book.
5. Skunk: small, cute & no one messes with them.
6. Sheep: I was raised on a farm with lots of them. So picturesque and so woolily useful.
7. Horse: truth be told, I'm a little scared of horses; but I love to look at them.
8. Badger: a new fave, I love their stripey faces & their persistence.

Bit of rule bend: I will list some blogs here that I read religiously (heh) but they are not quite in the realm of bloggy friends; they just aren't going to link back to me & say oh sweet a blog award. But if you haven't visited these web places they are worth a try.
The Wild Hunt
Sia at FullCircleNews
T Thorn Coyle

Then there are these beautiful bloggers:
Pagan Homesteader: She is walking the talk.
The Four Realms: lots of awesome info; his altar blog sounds like a good idea, too
Minty's Mumblings: I like her sense of humor.
Our Little Acorn: Excellent writer who has incredible grace in dealing with her life challenges

Which comes up to 11. Your age when you go off to Hogwarts or possibly Beauxbatons.


  1. Thanks for the mentions!

    Bill (The Four Realms, Post Your Altar)

  2. Excellent list of animals. I'm a huge fan of kitties as you know, but I'm also a huge horse fan. I know they are quite intimidating, but if you want to conquer some of your fears, I'd just go visit a petting zoo and talk to them. I was hurt badly by a horse when I was 10 and I overcame my fears by going back and talking and riding again.

  3. Bill: Well-deserved!

    Willow: I'm not blindingly scared. More like very, very respectful.

  4. Wow, thank you for reading my blog... I didn't think anybody did, LOL! :D(amazing what you find with a quick google search ;) )