Mar 14, 2010

Ostara Blessing Eggs

Here are Elizabeth Hazel's directions for Ostara Eggs, in entirety, from the Llewelyn 2010 Magical Almanac. Yes, I know that Ll publications are fluffy bunny & I don't care. Fluffy bunnies are nice at Ostara ;)
"Ostara/O'Blessin' Eggs (Leprechauns)
Sure and you'll enjoy boonful blessings between St. Paddy's & Ostara! Crack eggs in half, empty, rinse, and dry overnight. Write tiny Leprechaun blessing notes, such as "pot o' gold," "wish comes true," "full pockets," "spring love," and the like on green paper. Cut them into small strips. Fill the eggs with these blessing notes, and paste the shells shut with colored tissue paper splints. Let them dry. Break an O'Blessin' Egg over a person's head to give them good luck in the spring season. Have the person cup their hands to catch some of the blessings. The ones that are caught will come true!"

So, I did this! I made the eggs for a class that I teach, and it took me quite a while to store up enough egg shells for all 14 people. Of course, you could do the eggs all at once, then make a bunch of omelets or frittata.

The egg shells: they crack better if you tap them against a straight sided dish, not a slanted one. I kept them on top of the fridge, so they were out of the way & not in danger of being crushed.

Brown egg shells seemed to be more sturdy, but there wasn't a huge difference.
I used nice paper for the blessings:

I used craft glue for the tissue paper splints. My first splints were dumb looking. Then I started cutting them on the diagonal, so that the eggs have a harlequin look.
 Yuck! The egg is propped against The Ugly Bunnies. I painted them at my aunt's ceramic shop when I was about 10. Better...

And, lastly, a special egg for the tweetie bird, my boyfriend:


  1. Aww - these are great! I buy the Llewellyn almanac every year - just call me fluffy!

  2. I love that... I was just thinking this weekend about coloring eggs. yet with my grandkids not hear it seemed a bit silly. I may have to do these when I go up and see them in the couple weeks... thanks for the idea..

  3. By the way I tagged you

  4. The eggs went over very well in class. pics, but I could do a post.