Mar 2, 2010

Please COMMENT to get in the give-away, not just follow

Heydy Ho All Who Are Interested in the Wonderful Treasures Including the Mini-Octopus:

Please COMMENT that you have become a follower so that you get a chance in the give-away. My plan is to check the number of comments, then put that number range into the generator, count down through the comments on the give-away post to that number, and Bob's your uncle, winner chosen.

If I have to go back and forth between the follower list & the comments, I know I will screw it up & leave someone out.


  1. ~ooops...i too have been a follower for sometime...wonderful of you to be doing such fascinating giveaways...brightest blessings~

  2. Just came over from Mother Moon's place...going to do some reading and follow...Thanks...

  3. I think I've done all these things. :)