Apr 12, 2010

Bloody April: Auntie Flo has pretty much departed

Guests always leave little traces behind, and Day 5 is trace day. So how green (heh) was my period? I am pleased with myself. With 8 regular pads from Crea8tive Mama, and just 1 day of Diva Cup usage, I used ONLY re-usable products for this period. On my second day, I wore the Diva Cup plus a re-usable pad, and that helped get me through, since it was a heavy day. I also did a load of laundry including pads; otherwise, I would have run out! So for me, 8 pads is not quite enough. I have a sea sponge tampon coming in the mail, and I've ordered some HagRags from Tanya aka Skuld. With those 2 purchases, and learning to use the Diva Cup better in future for travel, I will be utterly green when I'm leaking red!

I'm putting less in here:
The Lady will be pleased!


  1. Love it! When I went green with my period a few years ago I ordered a kit from Gladrags with 3 overnight pads, about a dozen or so day pads and liners. It was perfect.

    I don't do tampons or diva cups or anything that requires insertion. I feel like it disrupts my flow, yo.

  2. I do the same as Inannasstar...Gladrags has a package that has a ton of pads, of course they pay for themselves...:)

  3. hmm this sounds great I think I am going to get me a some gladrags. Kuddos to U for going green Mother Earth would truly be happy!!!! Good for your pocket book too, I know how expensive tampons, pads and other stuff are

  4. I love my Diva Cup. I've never been comfortable with pads, and tampons consistently gave me Class II pap smears (physical irritation? nasty chlorine bleach residue?). The Diva Cup rocks, especially now that I'm approaching menopause and flood occasionally.