Apr 9, 2010

Bloody April: Crea8tive Mama's pads rock!

These pads are just so comfortable! And very absorbent. They stay in place perfectly. Currently, I'm wearing my Diva Cup & a pad as an experiment. I'm on Day 2 of Auntie Flo's visit, and I have 3 re-usables left. My goal is to get through this period without using any disposable product. Between the Cup & the Pads, I've got a chance, but I think some more pad purchases are in my future!

I know many of you like the black/multi-colored circle print on the pic for Give-Away #1. Unfortch, Crea8tive Mama is out of this fabric. (I requested it in my 8 pack.) But don't fret, her other fabrics are wonderful. She even has pirates! My pirate pad is in the wash bucket right now, so no photo for y'all. My wash bucket is a kitty litter bucket that I keep tucked away in the bathroom. I keep it about half full of cold water for pad soaking. Some women add a bit of vinegar to the water for odor control. 


  1. Now you have me thinking I should do this.

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  3. Just to let you know that I'm not frightened witless. But I wouldn't know what to say either. Except maybe 'I do hope they don't send me back as a woman next time.'

  4. I really wish blogger would let people edit comments they post... ah well.

    Anyway, this really inspires me to start using these reusable pads, I will probably have to fall back to making them myself though, because my budget is kind of tight and my period will have started before anything I order can get shipped to me.

    So, along the lines of making one's own cloth menstrual pads, there is a huge thread on craftster.org which is a DIY cloth pad tutorial. The entire thread is full of comments about cloth pads, the logistics of making them, and feedback on how well they work, if anyone is really interested.

    The link is here: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=18462.0

  5. Kat: Yes! All part of my plan to save the world!

    OOoohh thanks Ancasta. Maybe I'll do a post directing people there. Pads are definitely a good investment for a young woman because over time you will spend much less. And there is the Diva Cup, which takes less washing, so it's most likely even more cost effective over time.

    JJ: Oh it's not so bad. Most of the time I feel kind of sorry for dudes. :) And I thought you guys pissed blood once a month anyway?