Apr 7, 2010

Bloody April: Let's go visit MUM (Museum of Menstruation)

Yes indeed there is a Museum of Menstruation  and it resides online! It takes a bit of clicking to get through the place, but there are true gems tucked away everywhere! I am wending my way through the advertisements & essays, but there are stories, pamphlets, lists of euphemisms for the bloody days & ways.

Cybill Shepherd used to be a tampon model! Kinda:
This one makes me happy. The glamorous HollyPax Hollywood tampon, although apparently one had to say "modern insertion type sanitary protection" back in the 30s!

What do you think of the museum?


  1. Thanks for doing this series! I've blogged about it!

  2. wow! What a cool site....I could be there all day!

  3. The museum website could use a bit of a layout/organizational overhaul, but I enjoy the content immensely!

    I'm also thoroughly enjoying the series, and will probably follow in the footsteps of the Domestic Witch and blog about it as well. :D