May 12, 2010

What would a witch wear? The big reveal

Here is the amber I ended up buying, and it was a fabulous pick!
If you return to the orange skirt post & enlarge, you can just see it peeking from the collar of my shirt. I wore to protect myself from the Christian vibes. I love the rough hewn look of this piece, and while amber/jet is traditional, this has pretty peridot beads to help keep me grounded.

What else might a witch wear? I'm focused on vintage right now. Vintage is greener! All the resources to make the clothing have already been used. Hopefully, the piece has been worn & loved by someone prior to you, so it's recycling at its best. Here are some vintage embroidered dresses from Mexico. All are lurking in my Etsy favorites right now, but I have not moved in for the kill yet.
 Comfort & prettiness come to mind with this purple piece. Not terribly pricey, at $26 I'm thinking that the embroidery is done by machine. However, it looks pretty darn good!

I love this long-sleeved one but, of course, it's $75. If you run round in bare feet like the model, it looks like a nightgown, though. More money, but definitely hand embroidered, with some beautiful smocking. This Etsy seller, Honeywood Vintage, has a shop full of this type of dress, so have a look if this appeals.

Two pics of the final dress:

A brighter yellow at a nice price, $25. It's a fiesta dress! Imagine it after you have laundered & ironed it!


  1. Love it! The necklace and the dress. Thanks to your post about amber, I ended up buying an amber ring from overstock. Im so excited. of course, I got amber and turquoise earrings to match as well.
    The dress looks like nice airy cotton too- I like non restricting loose cotton clothes. I am all for preworn clothes as well! and anything bright with pretties on it! woohoo

  2. Like the the purple one and the necklace is lovely. I have silver sliver of moon wraped around an amber broach and pendant. One of my daughters is named Amber.
    I have always loved Amber and have only found out about its meanings a little while ago....its just made it more special.

  3. Love your necklace! And those dresses are simply fab :D I could so see myself wearing something similar!

  4. Gorgeous amber and groovy dress. Very Summer-y!

  5. Lovely finds - and that amber necklace is fabulous!

  6. LOVE the necklace - gorgeous! : )

  7. Very pretty! Maybe I should post my necklace . . .

  8. What a beautiful necklace. I have always liked amber.