Aug 14, 2010

Lughnasadh Citrine

My Lughnasadh/Lammas celebration was incredibly simple. I had just come back from the West Coast on Lughnasadh, so it was by necessity. I placed my citrine point in my solar fountain, and then spent as much time as I could in contemplation of it. Munching on olive fougasse from the nice local grocery completed the holiday for me!

I love my solar fountain. It incorporates all the elements: Water, obviously, but there is Earth in the pottery that shapes it, the sun (Fire) powers it, and the flow causes pretty little Air bubbles. Since I added the citrine near the spout, it bubbles more.
This is the solar panel. It was easy to put it all together. It doesn't have a battery that charges & stores; the fountain turns itself on & off when direct sunlight hits the panel or it becomes shaded. At some point, I may clamp the panel to my railing for more sun, but I do enjoy watching the fountain start & stop.
The citrine is totally overlit here, but I like the way it's glowing! I have cleaned a bit of algae off it already. Will leaving this citrine point in the fountain harm it in any way? I would appreciate any info you crystal lovers have...


  1. Love the little fishy spout! Solar powered ANYTHING is great!

  2. I'm no expert- but I do recall a friend who kept his crystals in a fountain and don't think anything happened to them. I'd assume if the fish is spitting directly on the crystal, it might wear down a bit like glass in the sea.

  3. Energetically, it will be affected. Being constantly cleansed, it may be difficult for the point to hold any energy while in the fountain. Physically, though, I'm with K. Thanks for sharing; it's beautiful!

  4. this is simply beautiful and what a wonderful day to spend Lummas! Thanks so much for sharing...Brightest Blessings..

  5. Debra: Thank you! I think it was a good buy.
    K: The citrine is just to the side of the flow, so it should be ok.
    Renee: Good point! (heh). However, the citrine is one that was in my boyfriend's house helping to sell it. You know what house-selling is like right now, so it can use a major cleanse.
    The Guardian: Thank you!

  6. A sweet, simpe wayt to spend the sabbath, just perfect1 Love yot blue fountain, it's lovely... I don't think there's anything wrong in leaving your citrine in there, s long as you don't use it in rituals right afterwards.