Sep 6, 2010

Does this look threatening to you?

Hmm...yes, well, one would not choose to be a human being on that ship. But just switch your point of view. Be that huge, happy-looking, liopleurodon like sea monster. She looks so happy, thinking yes! what a tasty treat. Go be a happy sea monster.


  1. A ship is mostly wood and metal so I'm not sure how much of a tasty treat it would be but you are right about shifting your perspective.

  2. Sea monsters have probably had a bad press because, when they occur in dreams, they are often felt to be threatening.

    I guess that nightmares about sharks are more common than dreams about pretty sea-horses, or enticing mermaids.

  3. Debra: She just looks so happy!
    Sparkless: Think of the wood & all like a crispy coating. Yum!
    Robur: The nightmares stick with you longer than the lovely dreams. Maybe I will try & dream that I am the liopleurodon lady above. :)

  4. But you gotta love the ocean too, which is grinning to itself with pride thinking, "I provide buoyancy!"

  5. LOL...I love how you spinned the paradigm around identifying with the monster instead of her victim..Thanks for stopping by the blog and joining. I would love to talk to you more as I know we share similar feelings about Moontime, etc...