Oct 13, 2010

My Etsy Shop is open!

Yow! I am loving this October weather and the run-up to Samhain. Busy, busy. I have opened The Wizardess's Etsy Shoppe...stop in and look at my little puppets; button with link to the right. The other current project is the Balcony Decoration. This involves The Ghastly Grey Gentleman. More, even possibly video, of him, to come!


  1. you are a busy woman... can't wait to visit your shop and look at all your wares...

  2. LOL! I love the little single tooth! I do Etsy too, and hearted your shop. Good luck!

  3. Moon & Snooze: Thanks for encouragement! I hear that Etsy is slow at first. I should have posted my puppets right when I made them, but there are only so many things one person can do. :) I took a lot of pleasure in making the little things, so that may have to satisfy me this year.