Dec 29, 2010


I have heard a lady this night,
  Lissom and jimp and slim,
Calling me--calling me over the heather,
  Neath the beach bows dusk and dim.
I have followed a lady this night,
  Followed her far and lone,
Fox and adder and weasel  know
  The ways that we have gone.
I sit at my supper 'mid honest faces,
  And crumble my crust and say
Naught in the long-drawn drawl of the voices
  Talking the hours away.
I'll go to my chamber under the gable,
  And the moon will lift her light
In at my lattice from over the moorland
  Hollow and still and bright
And I know she will shine on a lady of witchcraft,
  Gladness and grief to see,
Who has taken my heart with her nimble fingers,
  Calls in my dreams to me;
Who has led me a dance by dell and dingle
  My human soul to win,
Made me a changeling to my own, own mother,
  A stranger to my kin.

Walter de la Mare was surely fairy-touched.

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