Jan 9, 2011

Dark Winter, Dark Magic Post #2: Mules and Rubies

I'm putting together a spell to render stupidity infertile. Thinking of those who resort to threats & violence in support of their political beliefs, on whatever side. And those who parrot/spew others' opinions without thought or research. Info from The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells that I'm incorporating: rubies, or ruby water, helps alleviate stupidity. Spells involving mules used to be used to render a woman infertile:

The Mule Hex
Mules are the animals most associated with sterility, for obvious reasons. Their influence is believed to exert a contraceptive force, in the same way that consistent exposure to fertility animals like bees and rabbits enhances a woman's capacity to conceive.
Make bread with flour blended with the charred hoof parings of a mule. Feed it to a woman so that she will become barren as a mule. (5000 Spells, p. 456)

I can imagine Anne Boleyn doing a spell like this on one of Henry the VIII's mistresses, can't you? And tis indeed dark. However, my plan is to arrest the fertility of ideas, and general spouting off with no thought, research, or consideration of the consequences of one's words. I will report back on the process!


  1. What a very interesting spell! I like it and hope to hear soon how it works out.

  2. ohh sounds like a good plan let us know how it works or maybe we should be able to see it ?? good luck

  3. This seems like it would be a very usefull spell! Best wishes on your Crafting!

  4. Crafty! I like when a Witch steps out of the cauldron and makes something different. This one sounds like it is going to need a lot of focus, but if it works... oh my, if it works!