May 14, 2011

A word about nudity

Yes, naked is in the title of my blog.
Yes, in the Charge of the Goddess, it says, ye shall be naked in your rites, because ye be free. However...

I attended an Alchemical Fire Circle last summer. The Fire itself was awesomely magical, and dancing around a fire definitely deepened my own spirituality. Howevs. Howevs, howevs...we shared the campground with a local nudist association, having their own summer event. Many of them were not necessarily the men one would enjoy seeing nude. I got over that, pretty much, the first day. Howevs...the more I mull over the experience, the more impractical nudity seems.

There were naked people everywhere. And then there was the downpour. I'm sure it felt good to the naked people at first. Then it got cold. Imagine a completely nude man, wearing just a rain parka. All the bits hanging out. He had to be cold, and he looked so damn silly.

As Terry Pratchett says, sure, dance around without your drawers on, but make sure you know where all the briars, nettles & hedgehogs are first. You don't ever REALLY know where all the hazards are. And then, you sit on chairs with your bare bum, which simply does STICK to surfaces, and then others sit there...  And when the loudmouth nude guy in the workshop asks for a group hug with the fully clothed women who are in the workshop because we have all done such nice work with our just puts me off the nudity & the nudists.

Skinny dipping, yes. Being naked in the water is a beautifully sensual experience. I need to get naked in the ocean sometime, as I hear that's even better. There's a time & a place. I will go naked beneath the naked night in privacy.


  1. Lol - yes, skyclad really is an aquired taste. One which I have not aquired. I don't mind losing the bathing suit top on the beach (lying on my tummy) or swimming naked, but group nakedness isn't my thing. Cheers to those who love it, but lose the hugs when your bits are flying about!

  2. you might change your mind about the nekkidness in the ocean..salt water in your whoha is not so nice, nor is sand up there either.

  3. You made me laugh in reading about the elements and being nekkid...It's funny I've never attended a public sky clad ritual. I don't know if I'm that free with myself. But, around people I felt safe with, I can't imagine anything more magickal!

  4. I guess I still feel really subject to the male gaze, even when I'm in a bathing suit/skimpy attire, much less nude. Wonder if I'd feel ok in a female skyclad ritual?

    Y. Granny: My swimsuit usually traps the sand round my nethers, so it may be 6 of one, half dozen of the other! :)

  5. I've been to clothing-optional events and, while I've consistently opted for clothing, scant though it may have been, I am refreshed by the others who wander naked and near-naked, completely comfortable in their skin, their beautiful and blessed physical vessels of spirit of every shape, size and ambiance. :) They remind me that I still have healing work to do here in this physical realm of mine.

  6. Love this post! I just found your blog and I'm loving reading through it......