Aug 12, 2011

Where did my citrine come from?

Shit. I really couldn't tell you.

Long, excellent post about the "stuff" we witchy types use from Adventures in Animism. I may just start a trash pick-up ritual. Heather Awen also has a shorter Witchvox post about crystals that will make me think long & hard about any future purchases/gathering.

While on Witchvox, I couldn't help noticing that lovely wicked Magaly Guerrero has a recent essay up on Witchvox too! A typical Magaly piece, it is funny, descriptive & thoughtful. Go see.


  1. Wow, that witchvox article about the crystals is really powerful. I'm not much of a crystal person, but I have bought a few stones in my day and I must admit, I never once thought about how they came to be in the store. Thanks for this!

  2. Gumbo: You are so welcome. I've been fairly choosy about my stones & crystals aesthetically and energetically, but gave NO thought to provenance. I will in the future!