Sep 24, 2011

A little more Practical Magic

The aunts saw no point in jumping rope or tossing a ball back and forth. In their opinion, such things were a silly waste of time. Better to observe the world around you. Better to watch the swans, and the blue sky, and the other children, who shouted and laughed during wild games of kickball and tag. Learn to be as quiet as a mouse. Concentrate until you are as silent as a spider in the grass.

The real post is coming soon!


  1. Looking forward to it ; )
    Have a magical weekend.

  2. Hi....this isn't my PM comment....I sent you an email last week about being a winner of my blog party giveaway....I need your address. Thanks!!

  3. I don't know if I could concentrate that deeply, well, maybe while I'm writing. Never in silence, I would go nuts!