Jan 1, 2012

2012 Tarot!

Using my handy dandy brand new Joie de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy, I drew a card for the Year.

This is the wish card: material wealth, wish fulfillment, satisfaction, happiness & good family relations. Paulina's keywords in the LWB for the deck are happiness, confidence, health, triumph & abundance. Sounds pretty good to me!

My Major Arcana card for the Year is The Hermit. This is apt because it will be a much more scholarly year for me. I don't really want to become too isolated, though. Here tis from the Joie de Vivre:
 If you are interested in this deck, don't worry about the keyword at the bottom. It is not printed on the actual cards themselves, just on the images on Paulina's website. The cards DO have a copyright symbol from US Games on them. It's small, but I find it a bit irksome.

To find your Major Arcana for the Year, add together your birthdate numbers: 6 + 25 for me, then add all the digits of 2012, then add together & reduce to a single digit. The Hermit is number 9. If you write the card down now, then just add one for the next year, and bob's your uncle!

Tarot Blessings from The Wizardess


  1. The wish card -- what a fortuitous card for the upcoming year! And I always enjoy Hermit years, being an introvert by nature, LOL! But I'll have to wait for mine -- 2012 is a Strength year for me.

  2. Mine is The Chariot. And when I read the description on her site, it's just the card for me. It's perfect!

  3. I've had my cards read many times..and each one says something positive about my love life..hahah..so since I haven't had sex since 1985..I don't really believe in the cards...

  4. That deck is so cute! What great cards to signify your year! Numerologically (I love making up words), I would have The High Priestess for this year. Not bad, I have to say! Thanks for the tarot tips. *~_^*

  5. Debra: I love the traditional Strength imagery.
    Ellie: Chariot years can be tricky--balancing opposing forces to draw the cart. Sure to be an interesting year!
    Y. Granny: It seems like you have a lot of people to love in your life, just not sexytime dudes, maybe, eh? Or maybe there is someone right under your nose?
    Renee: I really connect with both of Paulina Cassidy's decks.