Mar 3, 2012

Bloodstone for March

Who in this world of ours, her eyes
In March first opens, shall be wise.
In days of peril, firm and brave,
And wear a bloodstone to her grave.

If you want to go high-end for your March birthday, there is this Scottish Victorian era brooch: $1255.00 I am really liking the star on this. And I'm happy my birthstone is a nice cheap agate. 

Not quite your style? Okay, I'm not a fan of gold either. There is this lovely silver ring: may be more like it at $75.00!

So you, or someone you love, is a March birthday, and you are really, really cheap? Well, then, have some little polished bloodstones: 4 for $1.11. And at least make a little medicine bag to put them in, cheapskate.

Happy March Birthdays from the Wizardess!


  1. Happy March Birthday! Lucky you to have such a beautifully powerful birthstone!

  2. I'm in love with the first ring - it's beautiful. Would love to be able to afford it!


  3. So much beautiful bloodstone. It's one of my favorite stones, so it's a good thing I am a march baby.

  4. HJD: I'm a Moonie Junie, so I get an agate. I just found these nice little verses about the birthstones, so I'm going to do one each month.
    Magic: Yes, even though it's gold, that one has style! It's actually a brooch.
    Alpha: Get some! Wear it & carry it! Let us know how it makes you feel.