Mar 8, 2012

Makes me wish I still had young kids...

And that is truly, truly saying something. More accurately, I wish I had a Mama who would make me wonderfully cute and/or beautiful bento box lunches! Look at this! Look at this!

The Fruit Ninja from the Happy Little Bento Blog. I mean really. Who would not love this as a snack? Okay, that is an egg in the ninja outfit, but if one is handy like this, one could easily sub in some rice or tofu for the filling. Ninja egg with cucumber spear, knife & throwing star.

Here's another that I'm sure took much less time, but is adorable as well...and vegan! My only complaint about Sherimiya, the awesome bento making mom, is that she uses some animal products. But overall, pretty vegan friendly! She has some veggie burger recipes I'm going to try.

Yet another freakishly adorable little lunch. The things you can do with la la!


  1. These are beyond awesome! =D
    And who says that you have to be a kid to love them? I say make yourself a bento box to take for lunch one of these days. =D


  2. Unless your mother (or any mother for that matter) is Martha Stewart my guess is this would last for 1 day. When I'm packing lunch in the morning I'm lucky I remember to zipper the damn bag.

  3. Love it! I might have to try it out at least once =-)

  4. I used to send my kids to school with containers of yogurt, gazpacho and whole wheat bread sandwiches and everyone laughed at them..but they liked it..winter times I made home made soups and they would have kids offering to buy their lunches.

  5. Blakk: That is an excellent idea. I am not as neat-handed as this lady, but I do like to play around with things.
    HJD: The lady who runs this blog is hard-core. Sometimes she goes all out, some are simple. Of course, she takes the pic with everything all perfect. After the bento travels I'm sure it doesn't look exactly the same.
    Cora: Yes! From what I've read, Japanese mommas consider bentos little expressions of love.
    Y. Granny: I bet your lunches rocked! See above...:)