Feb 8, 2010

The Goddess gave me snow

so I made an igloo! Sort of. The best igloo I could using a Rubbermaid plastic file box as my mold. I should email Rubbermaid & let them know how useful the file box is. Maybe they'll pay me for the pics ! :) This is the completed igloo.
This is the igloo midway. Note trusty file box to the side.

Here is how it all began. I tried a plastic trashcan and a plastic bucket as a mold. Neither worked nearly as well as the file box. The rectangle! An awesome building unit!

Igloo midway, from the bottom of the little hill. Tote that snow! Heft that file box!
Side view of competed igloo. That is not my buried car, but my car is in exactly the same condition just over one parking space. My lovely designs were made with a spray bottle full of food coloring & water.


  1. The igloo has 2 fallen walls, and is completely covered by a new 10" of snow!

  2. My son and I made an igloo today using a tote! So much fun! Except now momma's back feels like it's in a vice. I guess I'm not as young as I feel when I get out in that snow.

  3. Wicked cool! Totally digging your igloo. :)