Feb 9, 2010

Wyrd Sisters

I love Terry Pratchett's witches. In Wyrd Sisters, there is a scene where Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg & Magrat conjure up a demon. Magrat, the newbie, loves paraphernalia:

"I always say you can't go wrong with a good Invocation,"   said Nanny. "Haven't done one for years."
  Granny Weatherwax frowned. Magrat said, "Oh, but you can't. Not here. You need a cauldron, and a magic sword. And an octogram. And spices, and all sorts of stuff."
  Granny and Nanny exchanged glances.
  "It's not her fault," said Granny. "Its all them grimmers she was bought." She turned to Magrat.
  "You don't need none of that," she said. "You need headology." She looked around the ancient washroom.
  "You just use whatever you've got," she said.
   She picked up the bleached copper stick, and weighed it thoughtfully in her hand.

"We conjure and abjure thee by means of this--" Granny hardly paused-- "sharp and terrible copper stick."
  The waters in the boiler rippled gently.
   "See how we scatter--" Magrat sighed--"rather old washing soda and some extremely hard soap flakes in thy honor. Really, Nanny, I don't think--"
   "Silence! Now you, Gytha."
   "And I invoke and bind thee with the balding scrubbing brush of Art and the washboard of Protection," said Nanny, waving it. The wringer attachment fell off.
   "Honesty is all very well," whispered Magrat, wretchedly, "but somehow it isn't the same."
   "You listen to me, my girl," said Granny. "Demons don't care about the outer shape of things. It's what you think that matters. Get on with it."

Alright, now, I don't believe in demons, but I like the point that this makes about magickal equipment. Use what you've got! Or make something to use. It's what you think that matters.


  1. ~great post and oh so true...we need not always buy as it is probably laying around waiting to be discovered...unburied...unique and our own! "to thine ownself be true" brightest blessings~

  2. Thanks faerwillow! I like the local metaphysical shop...but I do wonder at the prices of some things. I really think it's best to look around you first, then buy if you absolutely need to.

  3. Just took a peek at your blog. I, too, am deep inside my broom closet. I started blogging last year, it's a great way to let you share with others your journey. Love what you have posted so far.
    I can so relate to Magrat, I was like her when starting out, I wanted all the tools & such, not realizing I had what I needed in my kitchen. I did find a lot of stuff at tag sales & 2nd hand shops.


  4. Excellent point :) It's what I learned long ago... the "tools" from Witchey stores are no where near as useful as the things you already have!

  5. So true! I was so confused when I began following the path. Then, it all slowly became clear: it's all in the "headology" of things! *^_^*
    By the way, thanks for becoming a follower of my blog!

  6. Thanks! I'm enjoying all the blog reading I am doing, and it's really helpful in finding my way. My boyfriend asked if I wanted a magic wand, and I told him I'm thinking of using a chopstick. :)

  7. Awww..just what I needed to hear. :)

  8. And this is just one reason I love Granny Weatherwax!

  9. Yes, I would like to be her. But unfortunately I'm more a combo of Nanny & Magrat.

    Once I get a bit older I'll be totally Nanny. Without the drinking. But I can sing that hedgehog song :)