Feb 2, 2010

Imbolc Blessings!

I love the name Snowdrop Festival for Imbolc. Unfortch, it seems to be the snow still dropping festival here on the east coast. We are due to get another snowstorm tonight. Well, the white stuff is pretty.

I celebrated Imbolc on Sunday with a super meal & my self-dedication to an eclectic Wiccan path. Here is the first course of yumminess: crisp radishes & watercress, veggie pate from Whole Foods, homemade iced tea (welcome back warmth!) and homemade honey wheat pecan bread. The bread recipe came from Celtic Folklore Cooking by Joanne Asala. Just another sign that I'm on the proper path is that I bought this Llewellyn publication way before I had even heard of Wicca.

And on to the second course of shirred eggs, also from Celtic Folklore Cooking. This recipe was quite easy & really good. Rich, but with only a bit of milk and cheese, it tasted so nourishing! The rest of the radish/watercress/bread alongside.
I ATTEMPTED to ignite some tiny pine cones that were leftover decorations from Yule. I was all ready for a big fireworks show and full blaze in the three legged pot I use for a cauldron. Hadn't people told me about lighting up their Yule tree, and whoosh, massive blaze? I was ready. Window open, pitcher of water handy, cautious with the dangling robe sleeves, and fizzle. They just wouldn't ignite. So yesterday the little coney cones went out to the foot of the Goddess Tree with the tulips that curled in the heat of all the candles.
Lighting lots of candles was fun. I lit 20 beeswax tealights total. All the flames leaned in towards my luscious pale pink tulips. It didn't take them long to curl up. So beautiful, and so evanescent.

See my lambies peeking? I used them as Yuletide decor. I have a fair amount of sheep type trinkets. I'm going to incorporate them into a permanent altar for Brigid. Blessings to all!


  1. hi...thanks for the heads up on the descoware. i never heard of it but i am going yto check it outz1 i signed you up for my giveaway!

  2. The meal looks delcious!

    And I love the way all the tiny flames are pointing towards the pink beauty of the tulips. How lovely.