Feb 6, 2010

Tarot Night!

I went to a local metaphysical shop for Tarot Practice Night. Fun & free! Most of the other people there had much more experience with the cards than I, and all were helpful and informative. I like other Witches/Wiccans! (Although there were all sorts there; all seemed bright & nice.) We had one person draw a card, then everyone there gave a quick read for her/him based on that card. Seems as if you have to just jump in with Tarot & let it flow, which is good for me because IN NO WAY do I know what all 78 cards mean yet! However, one older woman who did great readings for everyone else told me my take on her card was right on. Beginner's intuition!

My Tarot was designed by Paulina Cassidy, and it is richly detailed and exquisitely beautiful. It is not bright, so it's not an obvious deck, but I am loving it more each day.


  1. ~OH MY STARS!!! I JUST ORDERED THESE...they should arrive monday or tuesday! i stumbled across paulina a few years back and ADORE her work...i have her calenders each year and a few prints...i have yet to meet anyone else who was aware of her or her work...do you like your cards??? i can hardly wait! brightest blessings~

  2. I found Paulina through another blog. I should put her on my list. She's Australian, writes really well, witchy type, Magick Teapot Chronicles maybe?

    I can lose myself on Paulina's website for quite a good while! I hope that you love your cards as I love mine.

  3. It's a lovely deck.

    I'm just beginning to learn tarot too...and I admit. I'm not so good. LOL