Feb 13, 2010

What would a witch wear?

 I love to browse both vintage and handmade clothing on Etsy. Right now I’m winnowing my own closet down, rather than buying up! But I want to share some finds. All posts under this headline will be pieces I can imagine a witch wearing for ritual or just for her day to day self. But it simply should  be a witch inside these pieces of clothing!
The Tree of Life robe. Expensive, but elegant.

The plaid witch hat. Again, a fair amount of money, but it screams Good Witch.

And, finally, a hand tie-dyed hippie dippie dress that is a bit less $...This will be in my closet someday:

Wear the Spiral Path!


  1. I LOVE the tie dye dress! (well, I love tie dye anything, but whatever). And that witch's hat is tooo stinkin' cute!

  2. Oh my!! I LOVE the Tree of Life robe...I could see myself in that :D And the hat is FAB!!

  3. click on the link & check out the embroidery--the little animals are pretty awesome :)

  4. Love the plaid hat - I'm so into plaid!

  5. Hi, my name is The Wizardess, and I am an Etsy window shopping addict.

    ALL of her hats are nifty!

  6. I actually really love ALL three pieces. These are awesome!