Mar 19, 2010

Ostara Yum

I have found a keeper recipe for Ostara!: Eggs in Purgatory from Epicurious! Total yum. I stuck to the recipe (at link) for the most part. I added additional garlic, additional capers (Goddess, I love capers!) and a bit of water to the tomato can to get out all the good juices. I microwaved the diced potatoes instead of cooking them stovetop, and that worked fine. Unfortch, I forgot to buy the parmesan cheese for over the top. It would have been nice, because parm is never bad, but not completely necessary.

Now, about that name. It's kind of fun, and the dish itself is nicely spiced, but it's not gonna work for Ostara. I'm thinking Sunshine Eggs in the Spicy Summerlands? It needs a witchier name. What do you think?

Blessed Ostara!


  1. Nice recipe - yum!

    Ostara blessings to you too!

  2. This looks (and sounds) amazing! I wish I had frozen artichoke hearts in my freezer so I could make it tomorrow. I think I may go pick some up after I drop my car off for service.

    Ostara Blessings dear!

    PS - Your name for them is much better and witchier ;)

  3. Oh, I used a can of artichoke hearts. I have NEVER seen frozen artichokes, but the recipe author must know of such. But this is a really good recipe! Not a whole lot of work,either, but that depends on your tolerance for chopping.

  4. man, this looks good, thanks for posting!

  5. This really sounds good! I've saved the link. :)