Mar 27, 2010

Pink Hedgehog Saturday

I have uploaded my first Youtube video! Hoggies can be tricky to photograph because they move so quickly. The video is mainly tubing, a fascinating hedgehog sport in which you stick your snout into an empty toilet paper tube & then charge around the cage. Go Miss Pinkie Moon!


  1. Awwww I just wanna hug her and kiss her! She would probably pierce may lip though :P

  2. Tubing . . . burrowing . . . avoiding being eaten by a cat/supervisor . . . all under the watchful eye of Big Brother . . . just another day at the office, really!

  3. ooh thats cute..we had little furries when the kids were little..but im pretty sure dexter would eat them in a heart beat..
    thanks for coming by and saying howdy..come by any time..
    if you haven't been to the have to'll love it there..see you outdoors saying howdy to the gods and goddess's