Mar 29, 2010

Raven Grimassi & Stephanie Taylor Animal Totem

Raven Grimassi & Stephanie Taylor are a married pair of witches. They present workshops together, and Raven has written a slew of books. I did an Animal Totem workshop with them at Sacred Space.

Raven took the lead & spoke the most. Stephanie chimed in every now and then, with commentary more than information. They create a feeling of sacred space with chanting & a song called "Come to the Ways." The song is the frontispiece of Raven's book Spirit of the Witch. The guided meditation involved going to the woods and sitting by a pool, and allowing your animal spirit to approach you. Everyone in the group connected with something, and Raven made sure everyone got a chance to speak about the experience.

So, guess who my Animal Totem is. Just guess. Hedgehog? Some type of cat? A fox? A skunk? I actually really wanted a skunk, because they are small, cute and powerful. Well, I suppose the pic was a clue. Yes, Badger is the animal protector with whom I connected.

I didn't receive a crystal clear, film strip like picture of Badger; I got a swift impression of bright eyes and stripeyness. So, my first thought was a badger, and then I asked if it might not be a skunk. No, definitely not. How about a fox? I asked. Nope. I had Badger and Badger it would remain. It seemed as if you don't necessarily get the Animal Totem you love or are even thinking about much, you get what you need. I truly wanted a skunk, and I had been reading skunk stories and researching skunk info, but nope, no skunky for me.

What's super cool is that Badger is one of Raven's protectors, so he had a lot to say about it. Badger's leading quality is in badgering someone. :) The message I got from Badger was about needing my strength & focus.

I'm now liking my Badger Totem more & more. Good fighters! And Badger in The Wind in the Willows was definitely a wonderful figure. Have you explored your Animal Totem(s)? If you've had trouble connecting, you may want to seek out some info from Raven Grimassi, as his meditation definitely worked for me.


  1. I love working with Animal Totems. Have you read any of Ted Andrews books? I did the chakra's totems and spread it out over 8 new Moons. It was very interesting learning so much about myself.

  2. I have always loved badgers! That's a great totem to have.

  3. a great animal totem... The badger is a fierce creature who is persistent to a T.... also quite beautiful

  4. I haven't found my totem animal yet ;-( I used to believe that it was the dog, but I'm not so sure anymore. I think that I was just really fond a particular dot *sigh* I guess I have to wait.

    I left you something at my blog, please go claim it ;-)

  5. Inanna: I have not read any of his stuff, but Grimassi cites him in his books, so I will have to check it out. You have one of his decks, right?
    Yew: I did NOT expect Badger. I am just a plain animal lover period, so it's not that I don't like them, just unexpected. The only animals I don't like are chickens. But that's another post.:)
    MMM: I am loving Badger more & more.
    Magaly: I like the new rules for the prize! And dog can certainly be one of your totems, like Cat is definitely one of mine. Badger was IT for the guided meditation, though. It was very clear.

  6. The animal deck I have is from Steven Farmer...Ted Andrews also has a deck though, I believe...his books are awesome though.

  7. What are your totems, if you don't mind my asking?