Apr 29, 2010

Bloody April: EcoMenses site

Ok, y'all, if you think I am into the cloth pads, wait til you visit the blog of Obisidian! She's a maker and collector of re-usables. Drawers & drawers full! I wish I could raid her stash. Obsidian has 265 pads. Yep. Go, and become envious of her pirate pads, her "pre-reddened" one, so many nifty options!

She also gives excellent suggestions for building the stash. You don't want all of just one kind or size. Oh the patterns! Oh the styles! I bet she only has to wash pads once a year!


  1. It's like having an art gallery in your panties!

  2. Debra, you are the queen of comments!

  3. Washing pads once a year = gross