Apr 24, 2010

Bloody April: HagRags are wonderful!

I ordered some HagRags when I realized that my 8 pads from Crea8tive Mama were not QUITE enough for a whole period. And wow am I glad that I did! Look how beautiful they are!

These have a removable liner inside.

Tanya, aka Skuld, HagRags creator, sent the give-away pads along with my order, so you get a more in depth peek at them:

The give-away set is lovely! Tanya aka Skuld continued with owls/pirates on the one pad, and the liner is black with guitars and one side and cool kitty-cats on the other. Since she was so generous, I'm going to tuck one more little surprise into the HagRag give-away. So get over there to the column on the right & enter!


  1. Have you tryed a Diva or Mooncup?
    I find the cloth pads move around to much.

  2. I really need to try some of these alternative hygiene products.

    I hate cluttering up our landfills with my pads and tampons.