May 6, 2010

What would a witch wear: The return of the orange skirt, plus AMBER

Long ago, I posted about my sweet orange skirt, a prize from the Sacred Space Conference. Here I am, crushing an Ostara Blessing Egg over my mum's head on Easter Sunday. (Don't worry, no Christian sensibilities were harmed by this; I'm not out as a witch with them. I called them Spring Blessing Eggs. One of the fortunes was "Here comes Peter Cottontail :)
As to what else a witch would wear, I've been thinking about the traditional amber & jet necklace of the witch. Some searching on Etsy came up with these lovelies:
While this one, by Lisby, is $60, the sterling looks quite beautiful, and the combo of motifs in the pentacle is balanced, no overkill. I like the creamier shades the amber beads run to as well.

I was THIS close to buying this sweetie from Morgaine's Well: the elegant Aradia necklace:
It is only $30! She writes a beautiful description for the piece at her shop.

To complete the three that I wished to buy but did not, a piece by StrangeMoons, who lists a pretty amber bracelet as well. Go see!
Next time on "What would a witch wear" I'll reveal mine own amber necklace!


  1. Cool! I didn't know that witches traditionally wore amber and jet necklaces!

    BTW, there's a Life is Good Award for you over at my blog (yesterday's post of May 5th), if you'd like it!

  2. Yes- please explain why Amber and Jet- although I won't be patient and I'll go see if I can google it. I am so attracted to amber lately and have been meaning to look that up as well.
    You are always a good read- :)

  3. All hail the orange skirt! Love it :D

    I love the second necklace!!