May 19, 2010

What would a witch wear?

I can't get enough of the comfy attractive peasant style vintage dress. All of the following, from Etsy vintage shops, would make fine witch wear. This brown/pink number is wonderful & would even fit me! It is 56 bucks but the seller wishes to charge $11 for shipping, which seems a tad much unless they do something special with it. So 50s, but it still looks highly wearable.

Then there is this sweetie from the 40s, metal zipper & all. From the description, it will NOT fit me, but maybe some blog friend would like it! I'm so tempted: it is 50 bucks + 5 to ship.

Then we ooze on into the 70s. This is just a nicely designed dress. All flowers, all the time for 29 bucks plus 7 shipping.
I love the feel of a full circle skirt, channeling all that good earth energy right up through your body!


  1. ahh yes, full circle peasant skirts are a summer staple. Though I buy them as skirts and mix and match shirts with them (can't seem to find designers who understand the pear shaped body even if the skirt is roomy). Plus, you can twirl in them and feel pretty!

  2. I used to sell these kinds of dresses on ebay, and if you go to a salvation army on the outskirts of a city, or even one in a small town you have a good chance of finding this stuff at a lot less than $50. ( I am appalled at that price).When I used to go hunting for this stuff the rule was, the crappier the thrift store, the better chance it wasn't going to attract the urban youth to clean out their vintage stuff.

  3. Now, strange thing this: man I may be, but I can actually get quite interested in what women wear. It says so much about their personalities. I like the ones who look different - unselfconsciously original and independent. And I like gypsy skirts, with petticoats sticking out at the bottom. And hoods. So there.

  4. K: I know all about pears. :)

    Retro: Yes, the prices may be high. But right now, I'm not willing to go do any thrifting myself. So figure you pay more on Etsy for the seller doing the legwork & giving you excellent service. The shipping kind of irks me, though, because you can ship all over the US priority for 5 bucks.

    JJ: I hope you don't like gypsy skirts & hoods together, because that just doesn't work in my book :).

  5. The second is definitely my favorite...but it's way too small. Gorgeous choices!