May 23, 2010

Where should this witch live?

I am moving house! I must decide between 4 different apartments tomorrow. There is (1) the complex next to horse country & rolling hills & woods. Serene, well-managed, but bland. (2) is another complex close to a huge reservoir and park, all in walking distance. Cheaper rent than 1, older building, managed by same company. (3) Crap apartment, in city, cheaper rent, but RIGHT in back of it is a huge beautiful park. (4) City apartment, slightly nicer, equal rent to 3, tiny green space of my own in back of it.

What do you think? Until I can build my hobbit hole out in the country somewhere, no place is completely perfect. But the move is coming soon, so please excuse me from posting for a little while. I will still read though!


  1. Personally, I'd choose (1). It's the only one with access to a wood. There ought to be a big difference between a park (which is managed); and a wood (which ought not to be, and should be wild. You say (1) is bland - surely you can make the appartment inside unbland.

    But I haven't seen them. There's something to be said for chosing by 'gut feel', and the spirit of the place.

    A witch should not rely on rational logic, that's what city dewellers do.

    Which one would the Navajo medecine woman have chosen.

  2. Actually, I've just been 'Out in the Naked Night'.

    It's 3 o'clock in the morning here at Druid Central. I've just been out in the garden - very serious purpose - looking for slugs! They come at night and devour the plants, so 'going out in the naked night' is the only way to catch the little blighters.

    Luckily, it's a very pleasant warm night!

  3. Which one gives you the best vibes? That's the one!

  4. Definitely not the "crap" place. You'll never be happy there no matter what surrounds the outside of it - you live inside half the year.

    Best of luck!

  5. All I can say is ... home is where the heart is and I imagine you can make loving space no matter what you choose.

  6. I think numbers one and four sound great!
    #1: The country side sound amazing and you can add your own flare! That will be easier to do in a place that is starting bland than a place with its own pizazz.
    #4: Cheaper rent=very good! Also, the ability to have your own, albeit tiny garden in the city is always a blessing. Not to mention the ability to be in the thick of it when you want to get out of the house, as well as easy access to public transportation.
    Good luck!

  7. Dear All,
    Thank you so much for your thoughts! I do have a 5th option, which I will see this evening.
    I'll try to do a quick post on what I select. Right now: packing, packing, packing :)

  8. I think, as others have advised as well, go with your gut. That's the only way to roll. Best Witches!

  9. Since you've described one of them as crap, I would definitely stay away from that one. Do another walk through and see which one just clicks. You'll know.

  10. #1 and #4 sounds the best.

    You will need to customize both spaces. The fourth is the most custom place and I like the fact that you have your own little place to work with.

  11. I think your instinct is already telling you to avoid #3. The other three seem to each have merit to you. It seems to me that you might want to revisit the others (along with your new option) and see what just feels right. Ignore the other aspects since for the most part they're equal. Good luck!

  12. I, personally, value the backyard space. I tend to go to park occasionally- but am thrilled when I can pop outside to a little greenpatch of my own. My ultimate goal would be to make a little garden back there in which to putter. But only you know what feels good for you.

  13. I second Walk in the Woods. No matter where you are, if you put your heart in it, you'll be okay.

    Kisses from Nydia.

    PS: I so love that hobbit house image! I posted about it some time ago, the little family who lives there is awesome!