Jul 24, 2010

Sources: Effing Wonderful Fotos

This little pinto hedgie photo is from Terrapin Hedgehogs. Stasi, the owner, bred both my little hogs. She snaps a nice pic, too. I almost bought this girl.
Sweet girl fairy comes from The Magic Onions, a Waldorf Education blog. The Waldorf method seems exceedingly Pagan friendly, but they don't out & out say it.  Donni has great crafts on her blog, and a current Fairie Garden competition!

The t-rex skellington pic popped on my tumblr account. As far as I can find, it's a nice shot of a sculpture in Murdo, South Dakota. I love dinosaurs! If you or someone close to you enjoys them, the Walking with Dinosaurs DVDs from the BBC are thrilling.
The Aged Hands/Young Face comes from French Vogue via Robur D'Amour. I love the stark contrast between the hands and face. I think this piece would make a great Samhain/Halloween decoration. Visit Robur D'Amour for luscious garden pics & philosophizing on Jung.

This is an hotel room! In a tree! In Sweden! You may say, nice...but what about the little birdies who will fly into this almost invisible thing? The creators claim to have coated it with a substance that the birdies can see & we can't. Pretty stark & cold on the inside, but hey, for a couple of days...I could live in the trees.


  1. I love the picture with the 20 year old face and 90 year old hands. What a perfect representation of society's warped obsession with youth. I guess it could also be interpreted as saying we are only as young as we feel. Anyway, definitely thought provoking.

  2. The one with the man leading the skeleton dinosaur is perhaps my favourite. To me, it speaks of the New Earth Creation nonsense: When man began to walk the earth, dinosaurs were dead, dumbasses.

    I think it's just the angry Anthropologist in me ;)

    First time in LA, huh? Hope you have fun! I grew up in that area...where in LA are you/ did you go?

  3. I love the same ones that Inannasstar and Cora do -- so I'll just say "ditto!"

  4. Cora: I will be in Woodland Hills. I'm going to take at least one day off & go to the beach. Where do you suggest I go?

  5. What? no one can beat a baby animal! Beaches depend on what you want from them. Santa Monica is close to you when you're here- Huntington Beach is more open to laying out, though. and there's a nude beach 2 hours south......

  6. Wonderful pics. I love the drawing of the cats on the turret with the spirit (demon?) cat beside it.

    Have a great break!

  7. I love the pictures, especially the little fairy in the garden. Such a peaceful image.

    Your hotel can be in a tree house!


    Enjoy your trip!