Jul 14, 2010

Witch Call

We were fifteen under the oak trees,
Call me Hecate, call me Astarte,
We were fifteen under the willows,
I am the witch's own.

We were fifteen under the chesnuts,
Call me Tituba, call me Wenham,
We were fifteen under the hornbeams,
I am the witch's own.

We were fifteen under the poplars,
Call me Samwell, call me Kyteler,
We were fifteen under the rowan---
Fly away...fly away...home.

From Here there be witches by Jane Yolen


  1. The Jane Yolen book is available from Amazon. I'm surprised you're not trying to sell some copies. A lot of blogs would.

    You can also read something of the trial of Jane Wenham, courtesy of Google Books.

    It has a happy ending.

    'A kind gentleman Colonel Plummer took her under his protection, placing her in a cottage on his own estate, where she passed the rest of her life in a quiet, inoffensive manner'.

    The last trial for Witchcraft:

  2. Robur: My copy of Here there be witches came from an Amazon seller! But selling things is not my goal with this blog. In fact, I think my main goal is to give things away...information, thoughts & actual stuff. I do have an Amazon Associates thingie hooked up to my Terry Pratchett blog, but that's because I want the world to read more Pratchett. Thanks for the Wenham link.

    Renee: Jane Yolen is v. reliable. She's written about a million books, so not everything she puts out there is perfect, but she is to be counted on. She wrote that poem after attending a Wiccan gathering in CA.

  3. Speaking of the two images on the front and rear covers of Here There Be Witches, have a look at this.

    The image show a young woman's face, with elderly hands, with a conspicuous ring, and one hand covering part of her face. The image comes from the August 2010 issue of French Vogue: