Jul 1, 2010

Welcome to my balcony!

Aaahhhh....the balcony of my new place! It is rapidly becoming my favorite spot here. Doesn't hurt that the rest of the place is full of random stacks of books & crap. :) But it is slowly becoming home. Here is my bucket o' herbs; the bottom got cracked in the move, so it became a planter.
I've got a grape tomato plant going, too, with a harvest of 5 'maters so far. Delicious sliced in half, plopped in miso soup!
Then there is my fuchsia! So lush & bright, the vines tangle & make little faerie swings.

Thanks to all my well-wishers. I really appreciated all the comments; everyone gave wise advice. For the next post, I'll try & find the sources of the home choice pics.


  1. Beautiful balcony and impressive garden!

  2. very impressed with your garden...doesn't it make you feel worthy to have a flourishing garden?

  3. Lovely balcony, I would live here too. Drag my spinning wheel out and spin and spin. NO such thing as crap and stacks of books. That is treasure to me. SEa Witch