Jul 13, 2010

Perfect Cottage & Hobbit House/Holes

More wonderful places a witch/hobbit might live: The pic above is a Hobbit House you can own for 40K!
You will have to move to North Carolina to own it.

The perfect cottage came from this blog, Unshelved Words by Summer Gypsy. Her source was Cottage Living, an apparently defunct magazine, so I've come to a dead end on that one.

And Nydia did a lovely post on the other hobbit hole. Simon Dale is building a bigger home now, using much of what he learned form the hobbit hole construction. Here is a pic of the latest:

After watching The Lord of the Rings, who wouldn't want to live in a hobbit hole? Ok, living in a mallorn tree with Galadriel would be pretty awesome, too. It did, however, look a little chilly. Hobbit holes are full of solid comforts.

Someday, someday. I just need one with enough bookcases!


  1. I live in SC currently. If I had the $ for a down payment on a house and my husband didn't work down here *dammit!* I'd totally buy that first one.

    The second one though, is my favorite. It's freaking PERFECT!

  2. Hobbit's live 'under the ground', and so do the dwarves.

    Things under the ground, or beneath the sea, often symbolise things in the unconscious, often riches. Pluto lives under the ground too, with his Horn of Cornucopia.

    On the other hand, the elves, as you say, live up in a tree, near the stars.

  3. They're all adorable! You'd probably have to arm-wrestle Frodo to live in one, though. He's rich as Croesus since those movies came out and I hear he's investing in the hobbit house market now.

  4. I've always loved house that look like part of the environment. Mine once was covered by a crazy gourd vine that grew everywhere. I thought it was perfect that way :)
    I saw that second one before and love it.

    some people are living in large tree houses now- I've seen it on hgtv.

  5. Coolbeads! Where in NC? (looks hopeful)

    Excellent taste in domiciles! Have you seen Simon Dale's projects? His group builds hobbit roundhouses:


  6. The NC hobbit house is near Black Mountain, in the Earthaven community. It's small, but it really looks like he knew what he was doing.

    Nydia's post was all about Simon Dale, and the house in the snow is the Lammas Project, his latest thing.

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  8. LOL - I saw that when I went back to it - I blame the Benedryl . . .

  9. (Miles, posting on Snoozepossum's account) Have you seen this one? It's beautiful!

  10. Now are they height friendly? I'm not very tall, but I know I'm not hobbit size. I do think I'd rather live with Galadriel in the trees and near the stars or in Rivendale.

  11. Oh, y'all, I will have to do a post on the hobbit house from Snoozepossum/Miles! It's unbelievably Tolkien! And from the addresses of the craftpersons involved, it's probably not too far from me.

    My stature is somewhat hobbit-like, but of course my hobbit hole will be large enough to accommodate tall, handsome men. :) But there is Rivendell, the Last Homely House. Hmmm...that's a tempting structure. As long as I'm fantasizing, I'll have a cozy hobbit hole for the fall/winter, and an elegant Rivendell summer/spring place.