Aug 6, 2010

The foto sources

This little pinto hedgie photo is from Terrapin Hedgehogs. Stasi, the owner, bred both my little hogs. She snaps a nice pic, too. I almost bought this girl.
Sweet girl fairy comes from The Magic Onions, a Waldorf Education blog. The Waldorf method seems exceedingly Pagan friendly, but they don't out & out say it.  Donni has great crafts on her blog, and a current Fairie Garden competition!

The t-rex skellington pic popped on my tumblr account. As far as I can find, it's a nice shot of a sculpture in Murdo, South Dakota. I love dinosaurs! If you or someone close to you enjoys them, the Walking with Dinosaurs DVDs from the BBC are thrilling.
The Aged Hands/Young Face comes from French Vogue via Robur D'Amour. I love the stark contrast between the hands and face. I think this piece would make a great Samhain/Halloween decoration. Visit Robur D'Amour for luscious garden pics & philosophizing on Jung.

This is an hotel room! In a tree! In Sweden! You may say, nice...but what about the little birdies who will fly into this almost invisible thing? The creators claim to have coated it with a substance that the birdies can see & we can't. Pretty stark & cold on the inside, but hey, for a couple of days...I could live in the trees!


  1. That is one interesting hotel room. Right up there with the ice castle ones they carve out of blocks of ice. I don't know that I would get that much sleep though.

  2. I am fascinated with the idea of living in a hobbit hole. Or perhaps a tree. I think the Swiss Family Robinson may have created a cozy tree house.

    I would love to stay in the mirrored tree hotel room for just a night.

  3. If you like the Walking With Dinosaurs series, and haven't seen the live show, give it a look:

    We've seen the touring show twice, and the built to scale models are gorgeous enough to make you cry. I wanna Brach!