Jan 21, 2011

Dark Winter, Dark Magic Post #3: How 'bout a little more Domination?

Here's another spell from the Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, especially for a lover that you wish to bend to your will. I humbly suggest that if you feel you need to do this, you may need to consider doing without this person. However, I realize this is not always possible!
Dust Under My Feet Spell

1. With a broom, sweep dust from the street, through your main entrance door and toward your bed.
2. When it reaches the bed, stamp on the little pile of dust.
3. Call out your lover's name and announce, "Come to me as humbly and pliant as what's beneath my feet."


  1. This is a mean one, isn't it? Interesting, but I'll never try it. The idea of dominating my Piano Man (under those circumstances *grin*) doesn't have any appeal.

    But so appropriate for the party...

  2. oh great..I'd end up with a guy with no balls.

  3. Judika Illes gives some situations in which it'd be permissible: suppose your spouse gets Alzheimer's, and he was the one who always paid the bills, but the only thing he can actually remember is that he does that job, not how to do it. It's always all about context! :)

  4. Live and learn, someone smart said... you are definitely right my lady. Hm, it might work on old pets too, the ones that forget the carpet is not funny looking grass.

  5. I have to ask too (I'm considering getting 1,000 spell book), how does Judika address the issue of morality in her spells? Is it just a collection of all types of spells, or does the book focus on Pagan/Wiccan/Buddhist/etc. values?

    And I'm definitely keeping an eye out for your anti-stupidity spell when you're finished. I work with middle schoolers and they don't always make the best decisions. Although, in that case you'd be magickaly battling the effects of hormones too. :P