Jan 17, 2011

Update: Reduce Stupidity Spell

The Mule/Ruby Anti-Stupidity Hex is forming in my mind. I am thinking that the 20th is the perfect day to cast it, since the Moon will be just past the full. I want to increase thought/research, which the fullness will help, and reduce the mindless verbal spout of idiocy, and with the Moon technically waning, that will work! Think more, speak less, seek information: that's the chant for this one. Not v. poetic, but it'll develop!


  1. If this really would work..you could save the world.

  2. Love it. This full moon (and its rising morning sun) whispered, "Re-visit" to me … so yes, a time of quiet thought and reflection is upon us. :)

  3. Nothing better than a gradual reduction of dumb.