Jan 2, 2011

Folding and Unfolding

outdoors the cold
wraps our bodies
layer upon layer
and the darkness
folds in the day
tighter, tighter

seasonal demands
weave themselves
layer upon layer
a myriad strands
that tie us up
tighter, tighter

but what's tied up
can be untied
what's wrapped
we open
the folded year
unfolds again

~Michael Richards


  1. i love the cold so much! i know it is a bit unusual but i just can't get cold enough. i bake at 40 degrees! i've only started using poblanos in the last couple years. i seed them and de-vein them and that holds the heat down but adds a robust flavor that i love!

  2. I used to be pretty cold tolerant, but this winter has driven me inside too much. Maybe I will give poblanos another chance. They are an excellent size for stuffing!