Jan 5, 2011

That Starbucks Mermaid

While I am not a fangirl of huge corporations, and I make a better cuppa coffee than they do, I admire the Starbucks logo. It started as such a plump sexy happy mermaid! The 1987 stylized version might be trying for more restraint, but that big oval seems to be saying LOOK this is indeed where my vulva would be! Hiya Sailor! And she is star-crowned, and has remained so into the 2011 incarnation. Yep, the Goddess is on every S.Bux cup.

This story was picked up on my favorite pop-culture blog, Jezebel. The post author consulted The Woman's Dictionary of Signs & Symbols, another favorite! Click here to read. The comments are good, too.


  1. She is Stella Maris -- the Star of the Sea!

  2. And still they make really vile coffee, I think. ^^

    (And they exploit the African farmers who they buy their special coffee from.)

  3. Debra: Nice!

    Diandra: Sadly, I am not surprised. As soon as a corp. gets big, it gets mean. Small or smallish, local, and thinking about the actual people is the way forward.

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