May 11, 2011


Flora, the spirit of blossoming flowers & springtime, is honored in the Floralia. Like my beloved Aphrodite, she embodies (how I like that word) the pleasures of the moment & the promise of the future. The Floralia celebration honored the female body and as such involved luscious, gratuitous nudity, until Roman authorities demanded that revelers be clothed in the 3rd century CE. The festival lasted from April 28th until May 2nd. The perfect fit for encompassing a 3 day Faerie Festival and Beltane!
I scattered multi-colored rose petals, some fresh elfin thyme, and fresh marjoram in a warm bath. Flora likes all flowers; these roses were lush. The elfin thyme was for the fae, and Aphrodite likes marjoram. Some candles and a rose quartz seemed to be in order...
I had never soaked in rose petals before. It was a lovely sensuous experience. Do it for Flora! Do it for the Goddess in you! Do it cause it feels good!


  1. Oh i know! It is fantastic! It feels and looks and smells great! I miss it! I will definitely take one bath like that today! I also want to take a bath in milk one of these days! Brightest blessings!