May 2, 2011

I had the Best Beltane!

I incorporated a Floralia ritual...

and there was an abundance of faeries!

More to come, as I re-live through my pics. 
How was your holiday?


  1. that looked like you had fun! I sadly spent the weekend moving a friend into her new home then moving into her old apartment. however it is WONDERFUL! this place is just so amazing!

  2. Wonderful images ~ looks like a sweet day! I shared my May Day working with friends to clean out a little patch of forest, with a ritual fire that helped to transform much of the brush that was cut, and sharing a little feast and libation too. Blessings!

  3. Sherry: Beltane is a great time to move house! Fill that new place with love & beauty. :)
    Rose: That sounds like a wonderful May Day. The Faerie Fest I went to really celebrates the land, and the land itself radiates a warm energy. Even in the rain, of which there was plenty.

  4. looking for a dry warm spot to have sex.

  5. Y. Granny: Yay! Always have several blankies available during outdoor sex season.