Jul 20, 2011

Badger Balm!

Goodness gracious sakeys alive. Almost impossible to resist Badger lip balm:

They are adorable! Look at that wand action. The flavors sound great too. And then there is this sweet little thing:
All at badgerbalm.com . I will not be indulging cause it has beeswax in it, which makes it non-vegan.  I haven't specifically asked them yet, but I think the bees would prefer to use their products for themselves.  Other vegans have a position on beeswax/honey? Do tell.  But I do so enjoy seeing Badger honored this way.                      


  1. The government announced it's decision yesterday, to go ahead with a pilot scheme in England to cull badgers. Though it's all still a bit tentative.

    The government is in a very difficult position, wanting to satisfy both farmers and conservationists. This highlights the more general conflict between the growing demand for food and fuel, and nature.

    Is there a battle going on - between humans and nature.

    In a comment on your recent post about the Alchemy card, someone spoke of 'integrating opposites' and the philosophers stone. I did wonder whether the person who made that remark really understood what they were saying, or if those were just high-sounding phrases they had fished up and quoted, from someone else.

    This is interesting because the badger, with it's black-and-white face, is a symbol of integrated opposites.

  2. Grrrr...from what I read, it's questionable whether the DIY cull will even WORK to prevent the spread of the bovine disease. It may actually make it worse! Thanks for the update, though. I had no idea Badger is a symbol of integrated opposites: sweet!