Jul 4, 2011

Help me, intuitive peoples

Recently, I did a 'Gift Spread' with my Paulina Tarot for myself. This is a simple 2 card spread, where card 1 is 'What You Have to Give to the World' and card 2 is 'What You are Open to Receive'.  For 'What I Have to Give', I drew:
This card, about bringing good news to people and intellectual pursuits, makes perfect sense for what I have to give, especially considering my career and where I want to go in future. However, I am a bit confused about my Card 2 - 'What I'm Open to Receive':
Now, I love this card & its imagery; it's the Alchemy card! And of course, it's an obvious message about moderation...but this is what I'm open to receive? Maybe it's about balance, since I think about that a lot...but I am in a perplexicated state. Anyone have any ideas?


  1. Yes, Temperance is about moderation and balance but it is more fundamentally about the integration of opposites. This is what people do as they mature and become individuated. So I would say you are now open to experiencing personal growth by resolving contradictions in your nature (?), personality (?), past (?) -- something like that. Remember that the purpose of alchemy was to turn base metal into gold via the Philosopher's Stone!

  2. I agree with Debra--it may also mean taking a negative/neutral situation and making something positive out of it.

  3. Debra: You may certainly have something there. Sometimes it's really hard to read for yourself.

  4. I hear the cards whisper … Your gift is developing, and while growth will continue, it is ready to be shared with your world ~ gently. Your offerings may be met with some resistance ~ and my sense is not from an external source, rather, internal, so be gentle with yourself as you balance and temper what you are ready to offer … and what your world is ready to receive.


  5. Thanks, Rose. That sounds right.