Jul 11, 2011

Badger Help

Badger is a special animal to me. Since Badger is one of my animal protectors, I rely on her quiet strength and tenacity. An intolerable situation has developed regarding worldly badgers in the UK. , as reported by No Unsacred Place. 

They may resort to letting farmers simply kill badgers when they see them, in order to prevent the spread of bovine disease. It's very unclear whether this will actually work, the English Badger is a protected species, and apparently there isn't enough funding to take care of the overrun of badgers in a more humane way. The whole thing just bites both ways. Throw a few shekels to the Badger charities, light a nice soy candle for Badger, and/or pass the word on.

Looking back to 2010 when I posted about Badger for the first time, I can see that she is the guide I have needed this past year. I tend to have wonderful ideas, start them off in a whirlwind of activity, and then not follow up on the details. Badger may not be all splendid & glorious & romantic, but she digs in and doesn't let go. It's when I have the wonderful idea, and ALSO dig into implementation, that I succeed.
All images are from the Redwall Wiki! Thank you!


  1. I love the art work..and I love that the badger is your fetish..

  2. Love the art (lovd the Redwall books!) and love that badger is your spirit animal. I'll send some love and protection to the ones in the UK!

  3. I believe there are ALWAYS better ways than just wantonly killing animals. Killing / euthanasia is just the lazy man's way out. I hope these badger's will continue under their protective status. Humans unbalance and ruin the environment, and then blames the animals.

    Sounds like the rednecks here in Texas who plow down the coyote's land and then shoot them when they come into the housing development looking for food. It's really a sickening situation.

    Love the artwork, by the way. :)

  4. European Badgers for me were always the ones who kept the traditions. I am in awe of their ancient setts. Will ask for protection for them.