Aug 19, 2011

It's time to play "How Fat is Your Cat?"

I got a baby scale for weighing future kittens, and the current cats & hedgehogs.  I have 2 felines who could stand to lose a bit of tubbiness, a Kitsune kitten who needs to gain & grow steadily, and a Kristofferson Mama cat who alarms me somewhat with her thinness. So how fat is everyone today?

~13 pounds
This is great! Miss Annabelle did not wish to stay on the scale, so this is approximate. About 3 weeks ago she was at 14.35 lbs, so good job Belle.
4.18 pounds
Excellent, Miss Cute Pants! Last weighing had her at 3.5 lbs.
Suni enjoys getting on the scale now, since I weigh her pretty often. She's a-growing. 
9.12 pounds
Way to go, Friskie-who's-not, you were at 9.33 last time.

5.9 pounds
Pretty K girl is naturally lean. I'd like to see her up above 6 pounds, and she seemed to be at her last weighing. She doesn't particularly care for staying on the scale either!
And that's how fat my cats are today!


  1. Annabelle might be part Maine Coon...she has the big M marked on her forehead..last I weighted Dexter he was at 20 pounds...but he's not fat..just have some beauty's here..

  2. I must say these cats are looking remarkably svelt.

  3. 13 lbs is such a cool place to be ;-) Now I'm going back to stare at Miss Cute Pants and coo some more...

  4. They're very cute! At first I thought your post was going to be one of your cats that was WAY overweight. I was all ready with my story of my grandma's cat that weighed 22lbs. It jumped up on the bed one day and had a heart attack. I kid you not. But it looks like your kitties are all in very good health.

  5. What pretty kitties! We tend to grow them big around here. I am getting concerned for my oldest kitty, Norman. He seems to be getting thinner than I would like but I have not weighed him in a long while.

  6. Thanks, all, for the kitty love. I've been doing a lot of reading about how best to feed the felines. 13 lbs. is still a bit too plump for the Belle. She's a shelter kitty, so I don't know for sure if she's half Maine Coon, but she certainly acts like one! She has a nice big frame, but you can't feel her ribs AT ALL. Kitties shouldn't have visible ribs, but you should be able to feel them pretty easily, as a quick check for the fat.