Sep 25, 2011

Practical Magic Altar Box on Etsy!

Just listed by the Wizardess: Practical Magic themed altar box. Come visit me on Etsy to see! 
Enter the give-away for Aunt Jet's Lavender Oil in the official Practical Magic Blog Party Post below. Aunt Jet's Lavender Oil is also included in the altar box, with some other magical goodies. Unfortunately, the flower is not included. ;)

My little corner of Etsy is filled with fun finger puppets for Halloween/Samhain right now. Let's get ready for the Season of the Witch.


  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for having left comments on my blog now and then -- I so appreciate that! Thanks also for mentioning Agatha Christie's "Halloween Party." I hadn't heard of that book before.

    Maybe you want to check out my Oktoberfest giveaway (still open until October 2nd). It would be nice to welcome you back to my blog.

    Greetings from Munich, Germany,