Oct 1, 2011

Tootle-le-toot! We have a winner.

LEAF BALLARD! Aunt Jet's Lavender Oil is yours. Well, she has a wonderful name, but looking at her profile, darned if I can tell how to contact her. Leaf, email me with your snail mail address, please: wizardessknowsATyahoo.com.

Then you'll be able to open up a little brown glass bottle & smell this!


  1. Um... I'm LEAF BALLARD. Someone might contact you telling you that she is the one, but errrrr... it's actually me. Just sent me the lavender oil, um... no questions asked.

    Oh, and block any email that might include the leaf or ballard. Yep, that's it ;-)

    Alright, I confess, it's not me. Congrats lucky leaf!

  2. Hmmm...Magaly, I mean LEAF, somehow I didn't quite fall for that. I hope Leaf checks in, because I can't figure out how to contact her. Leaf! LEAF!! Yoohoo!