Dec 18, 2011

Darn it.

Kristofferson, my beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat, is NOT pregnant. I was wondering when her weight gain was so slight, but I thought, hey, she's skinny to begin with, and maybe she's only having 2-3 babehs. K is now in heat. Full on, rolling, meowing, squirming, writhing, assume the position heat.

Sigh. I am not informing my family, since the due date of 12/26 was the perfect excuse to avoid any Christmas visiting. I will still have a quiet, kitty-cat filled cozy holiday season. It just won't be quite as kitty-cat filled as I was expecting.

And K is so so ready to try again. I know how she feels! (She's on the left. Daughter Suni on the right.)

There has got to be a boy cat around here somewhere! I'll just walk on top of the 1/2" wide balcony railing until I attract one!!


  1. Ha ha! Show off kitty!

    But, seriously, I would be all ga-ga over kittens like that. K's daughter is a beauty.

  2. if Dexter had the equipment, I'm sure he'd be happy to oblige.

  3. Wendy: Norwegians do really like to show off...they are wicked athletic. And thank you, I think Miss Suni is quite something, too.
    Y. Granny: The way she is rolling, it might be a bit scary to a mere male. Also, she just bit my leg really hard. She's going back to the cattery with the un-neutered males zippity quick!